5 Quick Alternatives For Plastic Bags
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On International plastic bag free day, we are attaching 5 plastic bag alternatives to make our planet plastic-free in this blog.

Well, each one of us knows that plastic harms our environment in the most horrifying way. Still, most of us are just watching our planet BURN with these plastic bags.

Did you know it is nearly impossible to distinguish between a plastic bag and a jellyfish? In total, 160,000 bags are utilized every second globally.

Threatening, isn’t it?

The Indian government have put some bans on the usage of plastic bags. In fact, one of the great moves taken by the concerned authorities of our country to protect our environment.

For a surprise, we are here to talk about not only the problems but the solutions. Like solutions about how our small step can be a huge change in society.

We have plenty of plastic ban rules in India but the problem that starts here is, do we follow them?

Being concerned and responsible citizens, we must limit the utilization of single-use plastic bags. But then how we will carry our essentials?


We have come with some amazing earth-friendly solutions. Jotting down 5 plastic bag alternatives to make our planet plastic-free.
Canvas tote bags:
Canvas bags are manufactured by basic and simple weaving which turns out to a sturdy and durable bags. 100% naturally manufactured with sustainability. Also, Canvas bags are strong enough to carry your weighted groceries. Besides this, these bags can be washed easily and can be used for the long term. It’s extremely affordable and environmental.


Jute Bags:
Jute bags are manufactured by utilizing vegetables. The vegetable fibres are spun to make strong and durable Jute bags. Interestingly, these bags are entirely made out of naturally renewable resources and can be reused for very long. Also, these Jute bags are one of the best alternatives to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.


Denim bags:
Trendy, in vogue and fashionable, Denim bags are all set to take over on our wardrobes. A modish and stylish way to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Denim bags are super durable and strong. Also, denim bags are made of recycled material and do not harm our environment in any way, unlike plastic bags.


Paper bags:
Paper bags can play a great role in reducing the single-use plastic in our lives. These are of different kinds like sacks, twist handle shopping bags and handle sacks. Besides this, paper bags are recyclable and can be reused a couple of times.


Cotton-mesh shopping bags:
Cotton-mesh bags are the perfect alternatives to switch on. Firstly, these are super strong, super durable, reusable and sustainable. Secondly, these cotton mesh shopping bag looks so aesthetic and contemporary. Thirdly, they are washable and extremely light. Also, these can also be used for gift packaging.


Here are 5 quick alternatives for plastic bags. On the international plastic bag free day, try to create a change around you. Our earth is in danger. THINK ABOUT IT.

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