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Our skin is the largest and most sensitive organ of our body and taking appropriate care of it is equally essential. Organic skincare products help in giving the healthiest skin naturally.

Just like to keep our body healthy and fit, we reduce all the junk from our diet and start consuming more natural, nonfat and organic food.

The same goes with the skin, if we want healthy and glowing skin, why feed it with chemicals and synthetic products?

Non-organic skincare products might show instant results but deep down, these products damage your skin to the core. It’s time to reconsider and rethink about using toxic chemical skin products. These not only damage your skin but also negatively impacts our environment.

So, let’s move forward with 5 reasons why everyone should switch to herbal skin care products:

→ Organic Skincare products comprised of all-natural ingredients:
All organic skincare products are made of plants and many more naturally transpiring ingredients. No involvement of synthetic and toxic chemicals are seen in the entire process. Organic ingredients have the power to heal your skin naturally without causing any side effects. At Handmantra, we have a beautiful range of organic soaps, toners, and face creams. All products are completely non-allergic as it carries the concept of ancient cures from the Vedic books.

→ Organic Products have exceptional Healing Powers:
Toxic skin cosmetics like foundations, primer, concealer etc harm your skin at a high level and using more chemical skincare products to cure that won’t be a good idea. Natural skincare products are made by lots of research and analysis of ancient Vedic. Natural ingredients have many strong repairing and healing powers that can cure your skin problems naturally.

→ Organic Skincare products are Vegan and Cruelty-free:
One of the best things about using herbal skin care products is they are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Non-organic skin care products include animal experimenting in the making process and are often made out of animal products. These products are a complete threat to our wildlife. This is a very straight reason on why everyone needs to switch to organic skincare products right away.

→ Organic Products are Eco-friendly and sustainable:
Yes, there are skin products made out of harmful toxins and petroleum-based ingredients which are good for none, your skin and the environment. Whereas, organic skincare products helps in conserving wildlife and reduces pollution and keeps your skin and the environment both healthy and happy. Take a pledge right away with Handmantra and stop using all non-organic skincare products.

→ Organic products are worth your money:
Many non-organic skincare products are cheap because they lack quantity and authenticity. Herbal skincare products tend to have a high price tag because they offer genuine and high quality. Nature takes time to grow and nurture. Low-quality materials can be obtained in no time and that’s why in non-organic skincare products are of low cost.

In brief, we would only ask you all to reconsider your thoughts if you’re using non-organic skincare products. Organic skincare products can make your skin glow while keeping it healthy from the inside out. Check Handmantra’s premium collection of herbal skin care products. Fall in love with your skin and contribute to saving the planet from burning. An absolute win-win situation.