Different Types of Handbags and Its Uses
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Women and handbags are inseparable. This is a no-brainer, and everyone knows about it! Handbags are one of the most useful accessories that we can have! We women all love to carry our whole world with us and dump it all in our handbags. There are different types of handbags for every occasion and place.


Wooing a lady? Get her a handbag! Is your wife upset with you? Say sorry with a handbag! Finding difficulty selecting a birthday gift? Give that gal a handbag! Ok! Okay! Let’s tame this excitement and check out the different types of handbags for women we can choose from.


What are the different categories of Hand bags that are available in the market?


We have a wide range of handbags to choose from. Handbags come in different sizes and shapes. Each bag is designed for a specific occasion and use. Let’s explore all the different types of women's handbags.

Tote Bags for Women:


    • Tote bags are great for travelling, especially if you have a flight to catch.

    • Tote bags are catch-alls as they are wide, spacious, and mostly oversized.

    • They have long handles, making them easy to carry around and wear on the shoulders.

    • You can easily carry them to the office, as tote bags are sturdy and well-made and can hold the weight of a laptop, books, a small water bottle, and a lunch box.


Duffle Bags for Women:

    • Duffle bags are highly miscellaneous in nature as they are used for almost anything!

    • You can carry a duffle bag to a gym, as a sports bag, to your yoga class, or to a small trip.

    • These types of bags are great for their storage capacity.

    • The best part about these bags is that they have a zipper to catch it all.

    • Planning a weekend getaway? Just drop all your clothes and essentials into it and hop on that flight!

Sling Bags for Women:

    • A sling bag is also known as a crossbody bag.

    • These types of handbags have similar traits to those of a shoulder bag, but they have a long strap attached to them.

    • Hence, they can be worn across the body.

    • A sling bag perfectly balances the weight of the bag across the body.

    • There will not be any kind of tugging or sharp pain in the shoulders.

    • Just wear them cross-body and be hands-free!

    • These bags are great for partying, date nights, or running errands.

    • Did you know that most men prefer to sling bags, shoulder bags, and handbags as types of side bags?


Clutches Bags for Women:


    • Clutches bags are nothing but wallets.

    • They can be slim, slouchy, structured, or boxy.

    • They do not have handles or straps and sometimes come with a thin chain to wear them cross-body.

    • Clutches bags are lightweight and easy to carry, making them easy to grab and go.

    • They are statement pieces that make a bold statement.

Laptop Bags:


    • There are different types of ladies bags to carry laptops.

    • Laptops need to be well secured to protect them from damage.

    • If you are someone who carries a laptop to cafes to work or to your office, then you need to buy a laptop bag.

    • They are not Olympic-sized but also fit loads.

    • You can easily carry your laptop, daily agenda, makeup kit, and water bottle, as you've gotta stay hydrated, girl!


Hobo Bags:

    • Hobo bags are also a kind of sling bag, but they can carry quite a bit more compared to other sling handbag types.

    • Hobo bags are usually slouchy and have a very long and broad strap.

    • It has a crescent shape at the bottom.

    • It is made of soft and flexible materials in order to slouch when placed on a surface.

    • Hobo bags are very practical, as they are flexible and hold quite a lot of weight.

    • They are considered one of the best types of bags for women.


Satchel Hand Bags:


    • Satchel bags are mid- to large-sized handbags that have a structured flat bottom and two short handles on the top.

    • They are usually paired with a long cross-body strap.

    • You can wear them over the shoulder or across the body. It provides us with different bag styles.

    • Satchel bags are usually structured, and they are quite fashionable.

    • These types of handbags for women are very popular among the journaling communities, as they can be stuffed to the brim.

    • Not only women, but quite a few men prefer carrying satchels to work as they are less structured than laptop bags and feel more comfortable.


As we are already on the bandwagon of types of handbags for women, let's check out some of the most eco-friendly handbags made from highly sustainable and eco-friendly materials.


Bamboo Bags:

    • Handbags made out of bamboo material are not only chic, they are quite sturdy and yet lightweight. Who knew bamboo could be used to make a type of ladies             bag?

    • Bamboo bags can hold heavy stuff without breaking or losing their structure and shape.

    • They are highly durable and can be used for quite a long time.

    • They are easy to clean, are naturally anti-fungal, and have antibacterial properties.

    • They are amazing for a beach day and are good statement pieces.

    • All types of handbags made from bamboo material require a lot of special skills, as each handbag is handmade with love and amazing artistry.


Cotton Fabric Bags:

    • Cotton fabric bags are one of the most sustainable and versatile bags out there.

    • They are biodegradable, lightweight, eco-friendly, and inexpensive. 

    • All types of handbags can be made using Cotton fabric.

    • Women love tote bags made out of cotton material, as they are lightweight and won’t add up to much bulk.

    • Sling bags made from fabrics are trending right now.


Water Reed Grass Hand Bags:

    • The benefits of handbags made from water reeds are many, as they are highly sustainable. 

    • Water reeds are large aquatic grass plants.

    • They are found along the margins of lakes, streams, marshes, and fens.

    • They are broad-leaved grasses and grow up to five metres tall.

    • They are dried and used a lot as construction materials and thatching for the making of baskets and arrows.

    • This grass is grown in abundance; hence, it's sustainable and has been in use for quite a long time.

    • They are highly durable and are used to carry heavy stuff.

    • Picnic baskets, tote bags, and sling bags are made from it and look extremely stylish.


Benefits of HandBags 


    • Handbags are a great comfort, as you can carry all the essentials for a long day.

    • Handbags are great for carrying the chaos that is needed by a kid or a toddler.

    • You can have your makeup essentials, a bottle of water to stay hydrated, a snack, a book, and whatnot!

    • If you are going to the office, you can carry your laptop, journal, water bottle, hygiene kit, and lunch box.

    • If you are on a date, just carry lipstick and tissues.




There are many types of handbags that you can choose from. Since you are armed with this amazing knowledge, shopping for the perfect handbag will be a hassle-free problem. But ensure you know the taste and preference of the person you are buying the bag for. If it is for yourself, pick the bag that calls to you the most and the type of bag that serves the purpose.