Why Choose HandMantra for handmade products?
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HandMantra is a terrific resource for excellent vegan, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternatives to anything from home decor and fashionable accessories to organic products and sustainable kitchenware. While keeping the authenticity of the artisans, we give every piece a contemporary twist. Our company works to promote the work of independent artists and small-scale vendors. Our platform, HandMantra, was created to give these handcrafted goods the identity they deserve. HandMantra serves as a bridge between inventive small business owners and consumers.


Why Handmade?




1. Handmade is more sustainable than mass production.


2. Mass production uses poor-quality raw materials.


3. Poor quality of raw materials is equivalent to lower production costs.


4. Large-scale businesses make huge profits by selling their products at substantial prices, even if they are bargained or at discounted prices.


5. Since it's mass-produced, most products end up in landfills.


6. Mass production companies hire labour at meagre wages.


7. Handmade products are unique and the real thing.


8. Handmade products are crafted beautifully.


9. Buying handmade products from the local people and the revenue stays within the country, taxes are paid, money is generated, and the overall impact on our economy is enormous.


10. By buying Handmade, you will keep craft skills alive, saving our cultural identity. 


11. Handmade products are not about machines; they are about people.



Here are reasons why Handmade is the best!




Handmade is thoughtful


Every handmade item in HandMantra is the result of expertise and passion. The artist combines all their skills to produce a stunning object showcasing their artistry. They have entirely imagined each piece. The buyer, who values all the effort and expertise put in by the artisans, is also given significant consideration. People love to gift handcrafted jewellery such as evil eye bracelets or evil eye necklaces.


Handmade equal to high-quality craftsmanship


Handmade products are made of the highest quality because the maker understands the value of each piece. Remember paying less means you're getting less. Handcrafted work is built to last. Handmade books are the perfect best example of sustainability. They are sustainable products that will last longer than mass-produced ones.


Handmade Emphasis on Green


Handmade products come from artisans, and they don't come from large-scale companies. Generally, the products are locally produced and sold in the same region, state, or country. Products pass through fewer hands than big companies, creating a smaller carbon footprint, and almost nothing goes into landfills. Who doesn't value that today?


Handmade is locally supportive


When you buy a handcrafted product, you support the local economy, community, and real people. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. You fund a child attending school or a meal for their table, not a huge corporate brand.


Handmade can be personalised


Owning or gifting personalised products feels very near and dear. It gives a satisfactory feeling of pride. Every artisan wants to see a happy customer. By helping create your very own bespoke article, they attain this happiness.


Handmade keeps the tradition alive


You support learning, creating, training, and history by allowing artisans to practise, showcase, and carry on dying traditions. We are a society that values art and creativity, and by buying handmade, you support the continuation of these skills for the next generations.


Handmade keeps you conscious and eco-conscious


Handmade products are eco-friendly products. By not supporting mass production products, unethical sourcing, and low-cost labour, you are helping the environment and making it a better place to breathe and live. You also support people's livelihoods and provide the artisan's families with a better life. You will be aware of your actions, and it influences the bigger picture.


Why choose HandMantra for handmade products?


Our sustainable clothing brands use natural materials: Many natural materials, such as hemp cotton, wool, linen, and silk, are renewable and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice for handmade products. These materials are grown or harvested without harmful chemicals and pesticides and are biodegradable, reducing their environmental impact. Hemp clothing and organic clothing are not only sustainable, but they are breathable too.


We choose organic materials: Organic materials are grown without the use of any type of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, reducing the environmental impact of farming practices. Using organic materials can also help support sustainable farming practices and fair labour standards. Organic skincare products and organic beauty products are free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful preservatives.


Materials are sourced locally: Sourcing materials locally can help to reduce carbon footprint massively in transportation and support the local economy. This also helps in ensuring that the materials are produced in environmentally friendly and socially possible ways. Hence, in the end, we have non-toxic products.


Handicraft techniques reduce waste: Handcraft techniques often involve using scraps and scrapes, which helps reduce waste. Handicrafts are upcycled, which means that the artisans reuse the material that would otherwise have been discarded. We are working with brands that make wooden trays, sustainable bamboo cutlery, and biodegradable cutlery.


Handmade is energy efficient: Handmade objects are often made using simple techniques and tools that do not require electricity. Handmade items need less energy consumption and produce minimal carbon emissions compared to mass-productions.


Psst…! Handmade is eco-friendly!




Eco-friendly products do not harm the environment or the ecosystem during production, use, or disposal. It is often made of natural materials, but extreme care is taken not to cause harm to nature.


Save Nature: Switching to eco-friendly products over mass-produced products will be beneficial for Mother Nature. There has been an imbalance in nature because of the over-exploitation, destruction of natural resources, and pollution. People prefer using eco-friendly tote bags, handbags, and duffle bags made of natural and raw materials.


Better Climate: Climate change is accurate, happening much faster than a decade ago. The extremities in the temperatures have a terrible effect on all aspects of life forms. The ozone layer has been depleting steadily because of climatic changes. By using eco-friendly products, climatic conditions can be improved.


Healthier Lifestyle: Organic food products are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives that will help people to live longer and healthier lives. Organic health products enable people to think about their health and encourage people for a better lifestyle.


They are cost-effective: Vegan products like scented candles and soaps are a hit with people who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. They are cost-effective when compared to mass-produced products as they are made from non-exhaustive resources of the environment. People prefer storing their clothes in cloth pouches rather than plastic storage bags as they are sustainable.




Handmade products play an important role in promoting sustainable lifestyles. HandMantra has tied hands with brands that promote vegan products, eco-friendly, and sustainable lifestyle. HandMantra works by prioritising sustainable practices to reduce waste, which helps to reduce the diverse impact on the environment. By buying handmade products, people support the livelihoods of artisans and their families.