About us.

The Hand Mantra label epitomizes an elegant and relatively understated sense of style with a strong emphasis on naturally artistic handmade products all parts of India that are embellished with intricate handmade products

Who We Are?

We are motivators of handmade products stores in India and one of the first stores in the country to house collections from multiple craftsmen under one roof.

Handmantra started in Bangalore. Founded by (Sreedevi) mother and (Akshita) daughter. Sreedevi who is already a business woman collaborated with Akshita who had her education in fashion business at Paris and Istanbul. With their knowledge and passion they decided to create an international platform for small suppliers and artists of the idea of promoting and showcasing great design and craftsmanship from all over India.

Our Mission

We’ve always stood for optimistic femininity. We’re a global lifestyle house filled with handbags, also home décor and accessories and so many other things that you use every day.

We value thoughtful details. We think a layer of polished ease looks (and feels) so chic. And to us, modern, sophisticated colors make a personal style statement all their handmade products source from small scale Indian artists, craftsmen and suppliers.

It’s these founding principles that define our unique style. We like that our style is synonymous with joy.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is Handmantra’s priority. By being good listeners, and building a relationship with our customers based on discretion and trust, our teams of dedicated experts are able to offer you bespoke solutions of the highest quality. To help bring your plans to fruition and meet all your expectations, we take the time that is needed, gathering together our artisans, expertise, companies and exceptional tools.

Our Products.

HandMantra kind platform offering unique handcrafted goods from creative entrepreneurs around the India and Worldwide. The handloom and handicraft sector with its small volumes and flexibility in customization is ideally poised to service today’s individualistic and demanding customer.

India has over 12 million skilled handloom weavers and 8 million handicraft artisans, the largest such work-force in the world. Revival of this home- based industry provides in-situ employment to them.

Our focus is to create small clusters of excellent craftsmanship that not only create beautiful products for our customers but also become efficiently-run micro-enterprises. In our ideal world, we would like each of our artisan clusters to become sustainable business units so that we can divert our expertise to other areas–and thus, expand the scope of our developmental model as well as discover new products for you, our consumer.

It infuses traditional with a unique sense of style and understated elegance. The result is a classical and intensely personal rejuvenate statement. Our handbags and home accessories, Jewellery, Hair Accessories and Clothing sleek signature style, and our opulent formal/festive collections are both characterised by the sense of craftsmanship, style and creativity that is quintessentially Hand Mantra!

Our Suppliers .

Taking care of our talented people means looking after their wellbeing. Here are just some of the ways we do that . We continually review and redesign workstations.

We support all handmade craftsmanship in finding places thanks to our suppliers partnership

Sharing our commitment :

A more sustainable world is a no-brainer when travel is part of your DNA and is a necessary vision when you talk about the language of luxury. A more sustainable world is an ambition we are working towards through all commitments.

We at Handmantra support, promote and collaborate with independent artists around India to bring their amazing artworks to the mainstream audience. We merchandise their original artworks to create stunning apparels which are sure to take everyone’s breath away. Our apparels are of top-notch quality and are exclusively designed by visual artists who joined our community over the course of our journey. We also promote independent musicians through our community’s musical hangouts.

Our vision is to expand our community all over India and the world, by creating a platform for budding artists to showcase their skills. Be a part of us and help us build a creative and peaceful tomorrow. Join the movement!


Our corporate philosophy ensures that people are at the very core of everything we do. The quality of our services is based on our talented artisans who are equipped with rare professional skills. We support them by organising specific training programmes, most of which award qualifications. We encourage intergenerational transfer. Preferring sites of a manageable size and well-lit areas, Handmantra seeks to create harmonious working conditions to encourage the well-being of its workforce.