Natural Sodalite Tumble
Natural Sodalite Tumble

Natural Sodalite Tumble

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The Last Monk
50 Gram Pack Chakra - Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Zodiac - Sagittarius, Virgo The spiritual meanings...

Sodalite For Luck And Wealth

Sodalite is a very good stone to use for business. This is very important when you will be working with people with the same vision, purpose, and goals.

It’s important that you like and trust one another because this will ensure a smooth workflow and success.

Sodalite works best for artists, actors, and performers because it promotes confidence, communication and creativity.

It will inspire you to work persistently toward your goals and to be willing to earn and work for your achievements!

Sodalite, Love And Relationships

The healing energies of Sodalite will cleanse your aura, as well as your heart and mind. You will finally let go of your unnecessary emotional baggage.

It can help put an end to misunderstandings with the person you love.

Sodalite has the colour of the throat chakra – the energetic centre of the body that governs the movement of communication.

Many spirit healers believe that having a sore throat or a head cold comes from your throat chakra being blocked. Meaning that energy becomes stagnant and that it manifests as an illness in the physical body.

It can help you to find the courage to speak your mind. Without letting accusations or pain shape your words to be hurtful or abrasive.

The energy that you get from your stone will help you realize that love is always worth fighting for, worth being brave for, and worth taking a risk for.

Sodalite can make you open your eyes and see the error of your ways. It can give you the strength and courage to change old and bad habits.

If you are unhappy with the love that you have right now, it can give you honesty of emotions. It can give insight to understand what you are feeling, and courage to voice them out.

If you’re married and going through a rough patch, it can cleanse your auras so that all bitterness, anger, resentment, or jealousy will be gone from your marriage.

You will be more optimistic when it comes to your viewpoints on life and love. Understanding how the world works and how love is will give you that reassurance you need.

It will give you better communication skills to express what you truly feel and to inspire the person you love.

It’s also the perfect stone to have that will calm your emotions. It will keep you in check so that you are not too sensitive or too insensitive.




The Powers Of Sodalite

Healing Powers

The healing energies of Sodalite not only cleanse your aura and remove the bad feelings in your heart. It can also help in healing the human body.

Sodalite has the power to purify the organs and make them work to their fullest capacity. It can also boost your immune system and protect you from the most common sicknesses.

If you’re a health buff, you will happy to know that this stone can also increase your metabolism. It can improve digestion, and even lower your high blood pressure.

It’s a good stone to have if you’re undergoing chemotherapy. It will help in stabilizing your energies and in dealing with the side effects of the treatment.

Endocrine problems, sleep problems, travel sickness, water retention, liver cleansing, anxiety attacks – these are just some of the health problems it can help you with!

Healthy mind, healthy body, as the saying goes – all sped along by Sodalite’s influence!


  • 50 Gram Pack
  • Chakra - Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
  • Zodiac - Sagittarius, Virgo

The spiritual meanings of Sodalite are wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity, and cosmic beauty.

In today’s world, Sodalite is an excellent tool for anyone on a path of truth and discovery, particularly of a spiritual nature.

Those who practice divination, such as psychics, empaths, shamans, tarot card readers, and rune readers, can deeply benefit by having Sodalite on their altar.

During times of readings, the Sodalite will bring the wisdom of the universe into its aura. And it will promote feelings of truth, honesty, and gentility.

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Benefits of Using Sodalite

It is not only beautiful but also very powerful. Sodalite is known as the Poet’s Stone because it can help you express all the things that you want to say in the best way possible.

It’s an effective stone to end arguments or disagreements. Also, it’s a stone of logic.

When you have a stone like Sodalite, you can expect to have increased intelligence and rationality. It will stimulate your thoughts and give you mental clarity.

If you’ve ever wrestled with the classic arguments between head and heart, you’ll know exactly how it so often goes. Your rational mind wants to do one thing, and your heart calls out for another. And sodalite is able to help clear away any mental cobwebs.

It’s a stone that symbolizes knowledge and communication. It stands for efficiency as well.

When you choose to have this stone in your life, emotional balance and inner peace will follow. You will also benefit from having improved divination and psychic abilities.

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